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Panama to Medellin via Speedboat

posted Jan 27, 2014, 6:59 AM by Paul Gareau
This was posted by Byron on 9-May-2010

1.  Ride to Carti from Panama city.  About a day and a half ride, with
by far the steepest grades I've seen all trip.  I was barely able to
push my bike up some of the hills.  Catch a boat at the end of the
airstrip to get to the island ($5)
2.  Speedboat from Carti to Puerto Obaldia.  The guy who ran my
hospedaje knew the captains and arranged me a spot for the next
morning.  The trip is about 8-9 hours, but as I was the only one
carrying on the Puerto Olbaldia, we spent the night on the captain's
island, about an hour away.  The speedboat was kind of like a water
taxi for the San Blas islands, and we stopped at about ten on the way.
3.  Get your exit stamp in Puerto Obaldia
4.  Boat from Puerto Obaldia to Carpurgana across the border ($15)
5.  Get you entry stamp in Carpurgana.  Stay the night.  Many hotel/
food options.
6.  Speedboat from Carpurgana to Turbo.  This boat leaves every
morning at 7:15 and takes a couple of hours. ($50)
7.  Ride from Turbo to Medellin.  Really scenic road with a couple of
serious passes but no crazy grades.  The locales varied on whether it
was safe or not, but I didn't have any issues.  There is also a small
landslide danger as the road is often cut into a cliff.